• Too Many T-Shirts: My Life in Comic Book Merch

    Too Many T-Shirts: My Life in Comic Book Merch0

    The culture of comics fandom has shifted so much over the last twenty years that it’s almost unrecognisable. It’s become this symbiotic thing that lives and breathes as part of pop culture, television, and film. The juxtaposition between the world after the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Walking Dead — t-shirts on every second person on

  • Comic Looks: Karoline

    Comic Looks: Karoline0

    I have two pairs of leggings packed with sound words, panel fragments, screen tone bits, and some body parts/heads in this typical US-Superhero style. They’re from a European clothing store chain called “New Yorker.” In fact, it’s the same model in monochrome and in bright colors, the “manga version” and the “comic version,” kind of.

  • Comic Looks: Stacey’s Nerdy T-Shirts

    Comic Looks: Stacey’s Nerdy T-Shirts0

    I’ve never been much into fashion for myself, in the sense that, whilst I love clothes and designer dresses and am nigh-on obsessed with watching those Next Top Model shows just for the styling, I’ve never really sat and thought about styling myself. I think this is partly because I’ve never been rich enough to