• Bloodstrike: Cable and the Rainbow

    Bloodstrike: Cable and the Rainbow0

    Bloodstrike #1 Rob Liefeld (art and story), Dan Fraga (art), Eric Stephenson (story), Danny Miki (art), Byron Talman (color), Brian Murray (color), Kirt Hathaway (letters) Image Comics 1993 Bloodstrike’s team leader Cabbot is Cable by another name. This is not a controversial or vindictive statement; Liefeld’s LEGO-like sense of superheroic character creation (a source of

  • 13 Amazing Women Who’ve Been Making Comics for Longer Than the Internet Would Have You Believe

    13 Amazing Women Who’ve Been Making Comics for Longer Than the Internet Would Have You Believe2

    In this day and age it’s likely that you’ll read a lot of articles about women who make comics. They’ll focus on great new titles like Monstress, Saga and Bitch Planet. Maybe they’ll even mention a book like Moon Knight, which features the incredible colours of Jordie Bellaire. Though it’s wonderful that these books are getting

  • Review: F*ckin’ Eh! Colouring Book

    Review: F*ckin’ Eh! Colouring Book0

    F*ckin’ Eh! Colouring Book Leor Boshi Harper Collins October 2016 This colouring book was published last year but it, along with other colouring Canadiana, is making the rounds of bookstore tables again, thanks to the upcoming 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. In 1867 the British North American colonies (and formerly French colonies) of Canada (soon

  • Erase the President: 5 Anti-Trump Colouring Books

    Erase the President: 5 Anti-Trump Colouring Books0

    So you hate Trump. (I mean, obviously, since you’re reading this site?) So you hate Trump and rather like colouring. Good news! There are now more anti-Trump colouring books on the market than I could reasonably fit into this listicle. Want to tell the president-un-elect to fuck off? There’s a colouring book for that. Want to

  • Fourth Year of Informal ColoristAppreciationDay

    Fourth Year of Informal ColoristAppreciationDay0

    In January 2013, Eisner-winning comic book creator and primarily colorist Jordie Bellaire wrote a Tumblr post titled “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” decrying an unnamed convention–as well as the wider comic book industry–that refused to give colorists their due. “Colorists…are the unknown amazing backup singer who makes every

  • Rogue One: An Unrebellious Star Wars Colouring Book

    Rogue One: An Unrebellious Star Wars Colouring Book0

    Art of Colouring: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Disney Book Group December 2016 Who made this colouring book? I can’t tell you because that information isn’t given anywhere in the back matter or the nonexistent front matter. Neither is it available on Disney or Amazon. This emphasizes the intellectual property and brand over the