• Colour by Disney Is Very Expensive and Not Great

    Colour by Disney Is Very Expensive and Not Great0

    Colour by Disney  Disney Publishing Worldwide Enterprises Janruary 24, 2017 Free to download, in-app purchases While there are hundreds of colouring apps–some of them incredibly popular and lucrative–adult colouring is still mostly about books. Colouring for kids is just another fun activity, but colouring for adults is serious business. It’s not a hobby, it’s art

  • Fourth Year of Informal ColoristAppreciationDay

    Fourth Year of Informal ColoristAppreciationDay0

    In January 2013, Eisner-winning comic book creator and primarily colorist Jordie Bellaire wrote a Tumblr post titled “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” decrying an unnamed convention–as well as the wider comic book industry–that refused to give colorists their due. “Colorists…are the unknown amazing backup singer who makes every

  • Review: Wren McDonald’s SP4RX

    Review: Wren McDonald’s SP4RX0

    SP4RX Wren McDonald Nobrow Press December 2016 Disclaimer: This review is based on a copy provided by Nobrow Press. SP4RX is a world you’re familiar with. Punky cyborg hackers eke out a living in squats shadowed by glittering towers while robots and AI are pushing more and more of the working class into the underclass. What makes SP4RX different

  • Colorist on Color: Matt Wilson

    Colorist on Color: Matt Wilson0

    We had a chance to talk to longtime colorist Matt Wilson. You can follow Matt on Twitter and buy his shirts and prints on Big Cartel.

  • Colorist on Color: Interview with Megan Wilson

    Colorist on Color: Interview with Megan Wilson1

    Hello, and welcome to another interview! This time I had the pleasure to chat with Megan Wilson. You know her work from Hellcat, Then Emily Was Gone, and lots of covers with Nick Pitarra. She’s a real kick in the boot. You can follow her on Twitter @MeganEngiNerd or peep her great Instagram.

  • Colorist on Color: Interview with Jeremy Colwell

    Colorist on Color: Interview with Jeremy Colwell0

    I am happy to share this interview with Jeremy Colwell as our first of many colourist conversations! Jeremy is a colorist for DC, IDW, Image and Dark Horse. In this interview we discuss a little about color, a little about his history and a lot about his love of his family. Since this was our