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Master Post: Carol Appreciation

This is the master post for the Carol Danvers Appreciation special edition of the carnival. It’s basically Kelly Sue DeConnick’s fault. Captain Marvel Roundtable, feat. Megan Purdy, Megan Byrd, Liz Pfeiffer, Skalja, Cohen and Alisdair. A Love Letter, by Damalur. Carol, and the Stories of Other Women, by Garrideb. Ultimate Carol Danvers, by Valtyr. Review:…

Carol Appreciation: A Love Letter

This is the fourth in our series of Carol Appreciation posts. Also check out Megan Byrd’s review of Captain Marvel #1, Valtyr’s ode to Ultimate Carol, and Garrideb’s look at Carol and female friendship.  When I walked into my comics shop on Wednesday, the owner–goes by the name of Steve, rarely seen without his Captain…