• Review: Mark Fertig’s “Take That, Adolf!”

    Review: Mark Fertig’s “Take That, Adolf!”0

    Take That, Adolf! Mark Fertig Fantagraphics Books March 22, 2017 Disclaimer: Take That, Adolf! was reviewed with a copy provided by the publisher.

  • Political Comics: Captain America Was Never Neutral

    Political Comics: Captain America Was Never Neutral1

    January has seen the writer of Captain America advocating for the bodily integrity of, and being retweeted by, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Like a lot of awful moments in the past year, there is a temptation to confuse our horror with shock. We want to ask, “How could this have happened?” But as many Cap fans

  • Movies That Moved Me In 2016

    Movies That Moved Me In 20161

    I’m not particularly interested in Best Of lists. After the third list it gets stale and instead of discussing art that moved us, the discourse instead seems to focus on who wrote the best list, what rank the obviously good things appeared in. So this year I asked our writers to tell me about the