• DC PUBWATCH – November 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – November 2019 Edition0

    Welcome to the November DC Pubwatch. It was a really light news month in terms of DC related goings on, with the biggest news being the untimely passing of Stephanie Brown (the best Batgirl, fight me) creator Tom Lyle. His family is struggling with the unexpected expenses, so help out if you can. Without further

  • Cover Volume 1: More Unexpected Chuckles Than Thrilling Adventure

    Cover Volume 1: More Unexpected Chuckles Than Thrilling Adventure2

    Cover Volume 1 Brian Michael Bendis (creator, writer), David Mack (creator, writer, artist), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer), Zu Orzu (digital colourist) Jinxworld April 2019 Cover Volume 1 was not what I expected it to be. David Mack regularly speaks about his work with the State Department as a cultural ambassador, and does so again in

  • DC PUBWATCH – September 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – September 2019 Edition1

    The biggest news of this month’s DC Pubwatch is the further expansion of the Black Label line with another addition to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight canon (why?!), and Daniel Warren Johnson’s Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. We also got news of James Tynion IV’s “Year of the Villain” spin-off tied to the Infected and the Batman