• Death Be Damned: Bringing The Wild West Back to Life

    Death Be Damned: Bringing The Wild West Back to Life1

    Death Be Damned Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and Andrew Miller (Writers), Hannah Christenson (Artist),  Juan Useche (Colorist), Colin Bell (Letterer) BOOM! Studios November 29, 2017 Let’s get the fun part out there first: Death Be Damned is a warped western Frankenstein revenge tale. I have been a fan of Ben Acker and Ben Blacker’s The Thrilling Adventure Hour for

  • BOOM! Bar: Every Detail Covered

    BOOM! Bar: Every Detail Covered0

    Eight offerings from BOOM! this week—three licensed, five creator-owned. Of the licenses, only one (Adventure Time/Regular Show #5 of a six-issue mini from KaBOOM!) is a single issue; Planet of the Apes Archive and Sons of Anarchy (both BOOM! Studios) both see their volumes two, with the former being in hardcover and the latter soft.

  • BOOM! Bar: Caylo’s Last Bunch

    BOOM! Bar: Caylo’s Last Bunch0

    This week, of Wednesday the sixth (just passed), Lumberjanes volume seven is released and Armory Wars keeps on keepin’ on. As for the rest of the licensed fare: Corissa, stalwart of the BOOM! Bar Adventure Time beat, has this to say of KaBOOM!’s issue #71 : Adventure Time #71: Double Troubles Part 2 is a

  • Bunn and Cole’s The Unsound Rushes Through a Sloppy Second Issue

    Bunn and Cole’s The Unsound Rushes Through a Sloppy Second Issue0

    The Unsound #2 Cullen Bunn (Writer), Jack T. Cole (Artist) BOOM! Studios June 29, 2017 In horror, everything depends on restraint. Without the harrowing marital discord of Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession, would the ghoulish bloodbath of the film’s final act pack the same punch? If we hadn’t watched Daenerys’s dragons grow to maturity over seven seasons

  • BOOM! Bar: A Light Week, Thank Goodness

    BOOM! Bar: A Light Week, Thank Goodness0

    Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Year One Deluxe Hardcover: It’s pretty good! Solid all in all. A big fat book (500 pages) that will look good on your shelf and not embarrass you if anyone asks to read it. My comments about the series from last week still stand, but if you want to read a

  • BOOM! BAR: Hit Me With Nostalgia Sticks

    BOOM! BAR: Hit Me With Nostalgia Sticks0

    This week, Misfit City (BOOM! Box) starts to get good. Reading the previous issues was frustrating—the characters don’t quite manage to blossom beyond their gimmicks (the research one, the one who smiles fiercely while she disparages you, the Kristy, the one who… lives in an old derelict tower? Is she a ghost? I don’t think so?