• BOOM! Bar: License to Misbehave

    BOOM! Bar: License to Misbehave0

    Hahahaha, I’m so smart. This week’s BOOM! Bar requires almost no input from me, your host! Except for all that behind-the-scenes organisational hell… but that’s normal. I’m counting it a win. Why am I home free this week? Because everything’s but the below’s already assigned! Hurray for long-term planning! The week of Wednesday the 29th

  • Attack on Lumberjanes! – Issue #43 Review

    Attack on Lumberjanes! – Issue #43 Review1

    Lumberjanes #43 Shannon Watters (writer), Kat Leyh (writer, main cover art), Ayme Sotuyo (artist), Maarta Laiho (colorist), Aubrey Aiese (letterer) Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Released October 12, 2017 Last time on Lumberjanes: bubbles were burst, summer camp became summer treehouses, and someone, or something woke up.

  • BOOM! Bar: God Bless Bill & Ted, Etc

    BOOM! Bar: God Bless Bill & Ted, Etc0

    BOOM! Studios Bill & Ted Save the Universe reaches five of five, and is totally perfectly brilliant. Everybody gets their moment, EVERYBODY HEALS, and Wyld Stallyns rock reality. I honestly can’t say enough about how good this is, as a licensed book and as a serial. Every creative element works in good-faith tandem, every important

  • BOOM! Bar: Watercolours! Anime Heirs! Girl Stuff!

    BOOM! Bar: Watercolours! Anime Heirs! Girl Stuff!0

    Future-news: David F. Walker and Christopher Mooneyham have been paired on a new Planet of the Apes mini starting in January next year; all about that one mean guy with the big hat. Says Mooneyham, “[General] Ursus, to me, is just an old soldier, with no more wars to fight. He’s lost a lot, and

  • BOOM! Bar: A Light Week, Thank Goodness

    BOOM! Bar: A Light Week, Thank Goodness0

    Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Year One Deluxe Hardcover: It’s pretty good! Solid all in all. A big fat book (500 pages) that will look good on your shelf and not embarrass you if anyone asks to read it. My comments about the series from last week still stand, but if you want to read a

  • BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret

    BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret0

    Hi-Fi Fight Club (BOOM! Box) develops its sweet and fresh central girl/girl romance, and starts to open up some of the secrets under the record shop. I don’t know how this story is gonna wrap up in only four issues, but it’s a very pretty book with an affirmational, welcoming perspective. We’ve got a longer feature