• PUBWATCH: Valiant Efforts! August

    PUBWATCH: Valiant Efforts! August0

    It’s Valiant Efforts month two, looking back at all August’s releases as well as forwards through September, October, November…! Last month I caught you up on July’s issues; this month we published a big ol’ Valiant primer to help you get a feel for what the publisher is, was, and might be. For this Valiant

  • Dump DC, Move Past Marvel… Viva Valiant? Yes! A Primer

    Dump DC, Move Past Marvel… Viva Valiant? Yes! A Primer1

    Howdy, pals, it’s your trusty ex-Ed Claire here. What have I been doing since I left the hallowed halls of authority? Well, I’ve watched a LOT of Criminal Minds. And guess what? I also went bonkers for Valiant. Yeah! Valiant! Let’s talk about that, as my powerful heiress Nola Pfau, your WWAC managing editor, has

  • PUBWATCH: Valiant Efforts! July

    PUBWATCH: Valiant Efforts! July0

    Fresh off the BOOM! Beat, I’ve come over to Valiant territory. Having accidentally made the history of the publisher my new favourite obsession, I decided to get up to speed with the present of it too. From now on I’ll be reading everything the V puts out each month and giving them all a paragraph