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This is My Design: Review of Geek Chic’s Hannibal Inspired Makeup Collection

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about Hannibal. The brilliantly bloody, beautiful show that was canceled this past summer along with another wonderful show Constantine, cementing my bitterness towards NBC forever. Following Hannibal’s cancellation, fans have continuously pushed other networks and streaming sites to take hold of the series. Maybe it’s not quite the end of Hannibal…

Beauty and the Geek: Almost an Avenger with Kate Bishop Make-Up

Ever since Kate Bishops’ introduction in Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung’s Young Avengers (2005), the character has only gained popularity. She took over the mantle of Hawkeye after Clint Barton’s death in Avengers: Disassembled and kept it after his return while he worked under the name Ronin, Kate Bishop has more earned the title of Hawkeye. In the popular series Hawkeye by…

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Geeky Nail wraps! Yay or Nay?

Espionage Cosmetics has a gloriously geeky line of nail wraps with art pulling from comics, TV shows, and video games. Nail wraps are basically elaborately painted stickers for your nails that last through washing, eating, and playing. The Espionage wraps don’t require a heat gun to apply like some brands; simply peel off the plastic coating…