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Dejah Thoris: The Gardens of Mars #0A, cover by Jay Anacleto (Dynamite Entertainment, September 2018)

Exploring A Princess’s Past in Dejah Thoris: The Gardens of Mars

Dejah Thoris: The Gardens of Mars Volume 1 Amy Chu (writer), Pasquale Qualano (artist), Anthony Marques (editor), Thomas Napolitano (letterer), Valentina Pinto (colorist) Dynamite Entertainment September 26, 2018 Dejah Thoris was raised on stories of  the Gardens of Ephysium, beautiful structures where water flowed night and day. Now Helium is dry, and this drought is the…

Kickstarter of the Week: Girls Night Out

If you are not already familiar with Amy Chu, she needs to be on your radar of up and coming comic book creators. Chu is a regular on self-publishing panels at cons and it is easy to see why. In two and a half years, she has self published four comics, contributed to several anthologies,…