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My Geek Family: Review

GrayHaven Comics recently ran a promotion to recruit reviewers to preview some of their publications. I decided to take a look at their stand-alone comic My Geek Family by Doug Hahner and Donal DeLay.  My Geek Family is a sweet portrayal of multi-generational geekery along with a realistic depiction of parenthood. Doug and Tina are

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All Ages Summer Book Club

It’s almost summer and nothing beats sitting outside, soaking up some rays, and reading a good book. The only thing better than that would be enjoying said book with family and friends. But usually kids, teens, and adults aren’t reading the same books. If only there was a way to read feminist friendly books that…

Viminy Crowe: Comics are Fun for Everyone

Viminy Crowe’s Comic Book Written by Marthe Jocelyn and Richard Scrimger Illustrated by Claudia Davila Published by Tundra Books Release date: 5/13/2014 With a steampunk atmosphere, Viminy Crowe’s Comic Book takes a look at the role of imagination in both reading and creating comics. Viminy Crowe takes the question of whether art is an imitation…


Top Ten All Ages Comics

Kids love webcomics! Adults love comics “meant for kids,” too! Here are webcomics everyone can enjoy. It’s a Top Ten Countdown of the best All Age Webcomics out there on the interwebs! #10 The Last of the Polar Bears by Lindsay Cibos Global warming is destroying the polar ice caps and a mom polar bear…