• AfterShock June Pubwatch

    AfterShock June Pubwatch0

    Welcome to Women Write About Comics’ June edition of our monthly AfterShock Comics Pubwatch!

  • AfterShock Pubwatch April 2020

    AfterShock Pubwatch April 20200

    Welcome to the AfterShock Comics Pubwatch! In this time of social distancing, now is a great time to pick up a new AfterShock series, or catch up on an old favorite through a collected trade paperback or hardcover. There is a lot of uncertainty in these times, and thus the AfterShock Pubwatches for March and

  • Artemis and the Assassin #1 Hits the Wrong Target

    Artemis and the Assassin #1 Hits the Wrong Target1

    Nothing captures my attention more in a comic than when creators introduce a strong, competent woman in the first few pages of new series, ass first. Obviously that’s a lie. Well, not exactly. It does capture my attention but for the wrong reasons. It’s a good butt. It’s a butt that the artists drew with