• AfterShock Pubwatch: June

    AfterShock Pubwatch: June0

    This month, I’m taking a look at AfterShock Comics, which describes itself as “a creatively driven comic book publisher led by a team of highly accomplished, life-long comics professionals and entertainment specialists.” When I chatted with managing editor Christina Harrington, she explained that the company wanted “to tell stories that’ll make your skin crawl, that’ll

  • Dead Kings #5 Finally Rests

    Dead Kings #5 Finally Rests0

    Dead Kings #5 Lauren Affe, Thomas Mauer, Steve Orlando, Matthew Dow Smith Aftershock Comics May 29, 2019 For its full five-issue run, Aftershock Comics’ Dead Kings has told a story that’s equally about war and about redemption, and the book’s final issue completes that story with a practically pitch-perfect ending. Set in the fictional Thrice-Nine, the

  • Orphan Age #1: A Parent’s Best and Worst Nightmare

    Orphan Age #1: A Parent’s Best and Worst Nightmare0

    Orphan Age #1 Ted Anderson (writer), Marshall Dillon (letterer), Juan Doe (variant cover artist), Nuno Plati (illustrator) AfterShock Comics April 2019 As the parent of an 11 and 13-year old, their independence means magic to me. It means I am free to go out on my own, without dragging them along or worrying about daycare.

  • Exploring How Stories Are Told with Ted Anderson

    Exploring How Stories Are Told with Ted Anderson0

    Something that’s really fun in the world of comics is realizing that several of your favorite comics are being written by the same author. That’s how I felt about Ted Anderson when I realized he was writing not only Moth & Whisper (my favorite charming YA cyberpunk spy story) but also several very enjoyable recent

  • A Walk Through Hell Limping to Nowhere

    A Walk Through Hell Limping to Nowhere0

    A Walk Through Hell Vol. 1 Garth Ennis (Writer), Goran Sudzuka (Artist), Ive Svorcina (Colorist), Rob Steen (Letterer) Aftershock Comics November 28, 2018 Gentle spoilers below. When A Walk Through Hell #1 (Garth Ennis, Goran Sudžuka) was released back in June, my excitement for a modern horror comic quickly turned to half-hearted hopes. Maybe the

  • A Monstrous Disappointment in Monstro Mechanica

    A Monstrous Disappointment in Monstro Mechanica0

    Monstro Mechanica Vol. 1 Paul Allor (writer/letterer), Chris Evenhuis (artist), Sjan Weijers (colorist) Aftershock Comics September 2018 In Monstro Mechanica, master inventor Leonardo da Vinci and his apprentice Isabel are caught in a web of intrigue between the Medici family and the Papal State in Rome. Da Vince and Isabel have created a robot, the titular