• Good Boy! Is Your New Favorite Comics Magazine

    Good Boy! Is Your New Favorite Comics Magazine0

    Comics are weird. They’re also amazing, but often get stuck in the rut created by the Big Two and the accursed direct market. Luckily, there are some rad creators trying to make fantastic things that will change the landscape of comics and bring more great stories to more people. Two of those comic book heroes

  • Great Power Verbs Great Responsibility0

    It is common knowledge that Spider-Man’s heroism is driven by the realization that “with great power comes great responsibility,” but that tagline hasn’t always existed in that form. In the first appearance of Spider-Man in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15, the final panel of the story introducing the new superhero is overrun with words. It says,

  • Claremont’s Consequences: Discussing “Asian Betsy” in 2018

    Claremont’s Consequences: Discussing “Asian Betsy” in 20184

    When I spoke to Chris Claremont in 2017 (the fruit of which is yet to see light—forgive me, I’m a ~Creative and I’ve never heard of schedules) I took a moment to ask him about his decision to turn Betsy Braddock, the white, English X-Men member, into a woman who appeared to be and is