• What Is Geek Culture? Redux

    What Is Geek Culture? Redux0

    Geek culture is a term that gets thrown around a lot. But what does it meeean? Interestingly, “what is geek culture?” is usually one of our top incoming searches. And, hey! My 2013 post What Is Geek Culture is still being read, and read a lot, so I thought I’d supplement it with a brief

  • First Impressions! Sailor Moon: We Shriek A Bit

    First Impressions! Sailor Moon: We Shriek A Bit0

    Kayleigh: MOON PRIDE, MOTHERFUCKERS. I’m so excited that Sailor Moon Crystal is finally here. Growing up, I was a huge fan of the original anime–those were the days when you had to wake up at 6:00 am every morning before school to tape it–and like a lot of 90s kids, Sailor Moon was hugely influential

  • Nerd Wedding Roundtable

    Nerd Wedding Roundtable0

    The decline of marriage has been a hot topic in media lately, but one area of matrimony that is on the rise: nerd weddings. As more folks marry for love and mutual interests (historically, reasons lower on the list of marriage requirements), new traditions are being forged along the way.

  • Buffy, Buffy Comics, adaptations & portraiture: roundtable!

    Buffy, Buffy Comics, adaptations & portraiture: roundtable!0

      We get previews and alerts and review pdfs in our inboxes, and we don’t go full-interest on every one. (This is behind the scenes stuff, hold tight.) We don’t discuss everything, either, not by a long way; usually we each take a hold of what looks interesting to us, and occasionally one of our

  • Hits=Dollars: The changing ethics of online journalism0

    We just did a roundtable based on The Sunday Times’ cherry-picked JKR quote, which was packaged to create Harry Potter controversy. I’m sure it generated a lot of ad revenue for them. And then there’s xoJane running IHTM: My White Yoga Privilege, and its followup. It looked like a strategic move on the part of

  • JKR Regrets Ron/Hermione: The Roundtable2

    On Sunday, J.K. Rowling “admitted” that she married off the wrong characters in her still monstrously popular Harry Potter series. Ron/Hermione, she said, was wish fulfillment and literary bad form. Alas, alas, it was cliche. Instead, she should have changed direction mid-series, and hooked up Harry and Hermione instead. Our writers had a few things