• State of Marvel Roundtable–Part One0

    Marvel romance, mental health, and motherhood. Megan Purdy Bendis is off Avengers! Marvel’s partnering with Disney-owned Hyperion to put out romance novels! Miles Morales is super popular! It’s a (brand new) day! Maybe. With Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders, the all female X-Men, and the upcoming She-Hulk and Rogue romance novels, Marvel is putting its female

  • State of the DC Universe2

    DC Comics: But where have all the women gone? Megan Purdy The New 52 debuted in August, 2011. A year and a half later, many of the original 52 titles have reached their 16th issue, while others quietly faded into the comics ether. But while DC dominated sales in 2011, Marvel took back the top

  • Carol Appreciation: Captain Marvel roundtable

    Carol Appreciation: Captain Marvel roundtable0

    This is the fifth (and final) post in our series of Carol Appreciation posts. Also check out Megan Byrd’s review of Captain Marvel #1, Valtyr’s ode to Ultimate Carol,  Garrideb’s look at Carol and female friendship, and Damalur’s Love Letter to Carol. So I was chatting about the debut issue of Captain Marvel on Twitter,