• Finding Feminism in Horror: Part I

    Finding Feminism in Horror: Part I2

    Finding feminist ideology in the horror film genre can feel like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore film. It can seem a futile effort considering the most popular horror tropes are particularly unflattering toward the female characters: the final virginal survivor, “ugly duckling” killer, the commonality of sexual assault as plot device, etc. Then

  • GamerGate Rolls On — Does It Affect Your Personal Behaviour?

    GamerGate Rolls On — Does It Affect Your Personal Behaviour?0

    How it all started: Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian released her latest installment of Tropes vs Women in Video Games and was promptly deluged with threats of rape and violence. She had to leave her home and contact with the police. Zoe Quinn, developer of the game Depression Quest, had nude photos and personal information released

  • Roundtable: Growing Up Pop Culture

    Roundtable: Growing Up Pop Culture0

    Recently, Janet Mock, a writer, cultural commentator, and transwoman, opened up on her blog about claiming a feminist identity. What sparked Mock’s recent claim to and stake in feminism was Beyonce’s 16-minute performance at the 2014 MTV VMAs where Beyonce boldly proclaimed herself a feminist in giant, lit-up letters while she stood in the foreground. Prior