• To All The Classic Books We Loved Before

    To All The Classic Books We Loved Before0

    Ah, school. For all the highs and lows long years can inspire in our lives, one good thing about school is that it opens up a world of literary possibilities to us as we grow up. More often than not, this brave new world of assigned reading is filled with books from that expansive, nebulous genre known

  • Analyzing The Nib’s “Vote or Else!”

    Analyzing The Nib’s “Vote or Else!”2

    Last week, The Nib ran a comic entitled Vote or Else!, which is the work of Filipino-American cartoonist and illustrator, Niccolo Pizarro. The comic, presented initially without context, paints voter registration efforts and their proponents as insensitive to the plights of marginalized peoples and ultimately as centrists who value civility over disruption. While it’s likely

  • The Wedding Issue: Wolverine and Witchblade (?!?)

    The Wedding Issue: Wolverine and Witchblade (?!?)0

    Aside from “Who would win in a fight?” no debate gets comic fans more heated than the question of whether or not superheroes should marry. In this mini-feature, former Bride Rebecca Henely-Weiss and Bride-to-Be Kayleigh Hearn take a trip down memory lane to the most significant times comic companies took the plunge and got their