• Webcomic Capsules — school, college and roommates

    Webcomic Capsules — school, college and roommates0

    Today’s Capsules is all about student life. Although I have to say our characters do anything but study–apparently, that’s not interesting material for a webcomic. High school, college, and even kidergarten, surely these students will find something interesting to do, such as solving mysteries like the Bad Machinery girls, fighting “villains” as our cute little

  • Review: Cyborg 009 graphic novel, Archaia, 2013

    Review: Cyborg 009 graphic novel, Archaia, 20133

    Cyborg 009 F. J. DeSanto, Bradley Cramp, Marcus To, Ian Herring Published by Archaia, 2013 I don’t hate it. But this book feels rushed off its feet; a recap for old hands, not a reboot for new eyes. I’m a little familiar with Cyborg009–I’ve watched an episode of the 1968 cartoon (“anime”) and read a

  • Review: Batwoman #26

    Review: Batwoman #260

    Batwoman #26 Marc Andreyko, Jeremy Haun DC Comics *Sigh* I could leave it at that, but then you’d have no idea what I’m sighing about. Which, while potentially hilarious, would mean that I wouldn’t have the chance to go on at great length about my favorite comic book subject: Batwoman. We all know how much

  • Store Review: G-Mart Comics1

    G-Mart Comics Address: 44 East Main Street, Suite 101, Champaign, Illinois 61820 Phone: (217) 356-7733 I’m not gonna lie to you: this place struck me as a bit strange. It’s inside of a nice old brick structure called the Lincoln Building in downtown Champaign. The way I found the shop was by looking for the

  • Strumpet Issue 3: A Matter Of Taste

    Strumpet Issue 3: A Matter Of Taste0

    Strumpet, Issue 3 Edited by Ellen Lindner and Kripa Joshi Cover Art by Kripa Joshi The transatlantic anthology Strumpet, a black and white comic featuring all women creators, sees its third volume take on the topic of taste. So what is the verdict? We’d be going back for seconds if we weren’t so full! Plenty of

  • What Looks Like Strength: A review of Yahrzeit, by Leela Corman

    What Looks Like Strength: A review of Yahrzeit, by Leela Corman0

    Yahrzeit Leela Corman In 1939 Leela Corman’s grandfather was caught up in the events of of the second world war. It isn’t so much the war that haunts her, but her grandfather. Corman is walking home one day when an ordinary neighbourhood turns into something fantastical. Trees bend, roots and branches reach out for her,