• Batman: Arkham VR – Storytelling Gamers Deserve

    Batman: Arkham VR – Storytelling Gamers Deserve0

    Most VR games are fine sitting down, but this one recommends standing. Confident from my demo at EGX, I’m ready to don the cape and cowl, standing vigilant with a Move controller in each hand. I press “Start.” Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first two acts of Batman: Arkham VR.

  • Short & Sweet: Canzine Edition

    Short & Sweet: Canzine Edition0

    On October 29, I attended the 2016 edition of Canzine Toronto. Although I didn’t pick up many zines or comics this year, I still found some good ones. Ready? Let’s go. 

  • My Local Comic Shop and Me

    My Local Comic Shop and Me0

    Shoreline Comics 419-N Shoreline Village Dr. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 435-7827 Local Comics Shops inspire all kinds of feelings in us. Love, loyalty, indifference, fear of the unknown. I was lucky enough when living in London to have the most wonderful LCS in Orbital Comics. Even better, the last months that I lived in