• Suffer with Me: A Review of Alan Moore’s Jerusalem

    Suffer with Me: A Review of Alan Moore’s Jerusalem0

    Alan Moore is a celebrated comic book writer. He’s the creator of V for Vendetta and Watchmen, he’s worked on Batman, Superman, and the Swamp Thing. Some believe him to be the greatest writer that’s ever lived. But since he announced that he is officially retiring from comics, his novels may be all we have

  • Transgender Superheroics in Alters #1

    Transgender Superheroics in Alters #10

    Alters #1 Paul Jenkins (Writer), Leila Leiz (Artist), Tamra Bonvillain (Colors), Ryane Hill (Letters), Brian Stelfreeze (Cover Artist) Aftershock Comics September 7, 2016 In recent years, transgender people have become something of a recurring theme across fiction. Whether this is a fad or the beginning of something more substantial, trans people and the issues they face have been depicted with

  • Legends of Callasia: Aerodynamically Busty

    Legends of Callasia: Aerodynamically Busty0

    Legends of Callasia is a turn-based strategy game and the first one of its kind I have ever played. Although I do own a copy of TEG, my groups of friends and I have always gravitated towards role-playing game sessions instead. So when I downloaded Legends of Callasia’s demo, available on Steam, I wasn’t really