• Short & Sweet: Liars, Con Men, and Spies

    Short & Sweet: Liars, Con Men, and Spies0

    A new Whedonverse comic. A comic by a Saturday Night Live comic (comedian? comic). New Saga! This week Kristi, Carolina, and Brenda review The Illegitimates, Saga, and Serenity: Leaves On the Wind.

  • Chick at the Flicks:  Robocop

    Chick at the Flicks: Robocop1

    “The film also had that jarring weirdly bloodless-yet-still-bloody thing PG-13 action movies do to remind you that violence is violent, but not so much that you can’t take the kids.”

  • Short & Sweet

    Short & Sweet0

    Welcome to a Marvel-centric edition of Short and Sweet (or Sour), looking back at Jason Aaron’s new X-title, Magneto’s lead-up to his new on-going, the impending return of the Amazing Spider-Man, and Black Widow’s new #1. It’s mutants, spider-men, Russian spies, and women writing about comics!