• 2016 Hugo Reviews: Novels

    2016 Hugo Reviews: Novels0

    I have already covered the Hugos’ short fiction categories: Best Short Story, Best Novelette, and Best Novella. Now it is time to wrap up the prose fiction nominees by looking at the contenders for Best Novel…

  • Batgirl and The Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1 Review

    Batgirl and The Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1 Review0

    Batgirl and The Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1 Julie and Shawna Benson (Writers), Claire Roe (Artist), Allen Passalaqua (Colourist), and Steve Wands (Letterer). DC Comics July 20th, 2016 Disclaimer: This review is based on an advanced copy from the publisher and contains spoilers.

  • Card Wars: Perfect Tabletop Game

    Card Wars: Perfect Tabletop Game1

    Tabletop games are hot. Hipsters everywhere will tell you about their favorite bar’s Settlers of Catan nights. Reddit has brought the Target exclusive Oregon Trail card game to our attention, which will surely tap into the same nostalgia pipeline Pokémon GO was been mining. Even our favorite shows know how great tabletop gaming is: The Dungeons