• Review: Ms. Marvel #30

    Review: Ms. Marvel 3 Written by G. Willow Wilson Art by Adrian Alphona & Ian Herring Marvel Comics   “Side Entrance” — Part 3 of 5.   For those just joining us, “Metamorphosis” is the opening arc to the new Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel title. I’m reviewing the arc issue by issue and as a

  • Short & Sweet: Marvels & Manga

    Short & Sweet: Marvels & Manga0

    Iron Fist The Living Weapon #1 Kaare Andrews Marvel Comics Okay.  That was a disjointed mess.   With weirdly kinetic artwork. It’s very … red. The Danny Rand appearing in this book’s first issue is not the Danny Rand I know. He’s not the laid-back, Zen-like, comic book-reading guy who slips into motion when needed. He’s

  • Review: All-New X-Men #25

    Review: All-New X-Men #252

    All-New X-Men #25 Brian Michael Bendis David Marquez, Bruce Timm & Laura Martin, Arthur Adams & Justin Ponsor, David Mack, Skottie Young & Jason Keith, Robbi Rodriguez & Justin Ponsor, Lee Bermejo & Marte Garcia, Kent Williams, J.G. Jones, Ronnie Del Carmen, J. Scott Campbell & Nei Ruffino, Maris Wicks, Jason Shiga, Dan Hipp, Max

  • Review: Lumberjanes #1

    Review: Lumberjanes #10

    Lumberjanes #1 Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis Brooke Allen BOOM! Studios The Lumberjanes, written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis with art by Brooke Allen, hit comic book shops last week. The title had a popular early debut at Emerald City Comic Con, with BOOM! Studios reportedly selling out of the ECCC exclusive covers.  The

  • Webcomics Capsules: Superheroes and Feminists

    Webcomics Capsules: Superheroes and Feminists0

    Webcomics Capsules is all about short webcomics reviews—more like recommendations, actually. See what our writers are enjoying around the web, choose your favorites and get to reading! This edition has two of my favorite things: superheroes and feminism. Laugh with (at) Jean Grey and Scott Summers in Max Wittert’s parody, or the folks at The

  • Short & Sweet: Surfing and Surviving

    Short & Sweet: Surfing and Surviving0

    Silver Surfer #1 Dan Slott and Mike Allred; cover by Mike Allred Marvel Comics   Oh, this is gonna be fun. Our Surfer is out in space doing his Surfer thing, being kind to smaller creatures and suchlike. But many years ago, twin girls Eve and Dawn mistook him for a falling star and made