• Game Review: To The Moon

    Game Review: To The Moon1

    To the Moon Freebird Games PC, Mac, Linux 2011 “Let’s just say a bunch of sappy cheese sorted itself out.” – Dr. Neil Watts I’ve been meaning to play To The Moon for a while, and in the rush to try to publish this piece for Dec. 25th, I’ll admit that I have spent too

  • DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History Review

    DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History Review0

    Okay, I guess I should start with my bias—I’ve never read a “complete visual history” book that I loved. Yet, I always go back, and when I see a book like this on somebody’s table, I get excited enough to flip through it. I find them perfect for brief reads while sitting on a couch

  • Documentary Review: She Makes Comics

    Documentary Review: She Makes Comics0

    Lately, the fight to prove that the comic book industry can no longer be considered a boys club has picked up, but, it turns out, this whole boys club business is a fairly recent concept. Women have always been involved in the comic book and comic strip industry, and the documentary, She Makes Comics, proves