• Tank Girl Kangaroo Jerky

    Tank Girl Kangaroo Jerky0

    Tank Girl’s boyfriend is Booga, who is a man but also a kangaroo. This Tank Girl-themed snack is kangaroo jerky. Jerked kangaroo. Booga’s been jerked and you’re supposed to eat it. Dick jokes. Dick jokes. Dick jokes. DICK JOKES!!! 🙊Someone jerked Booga😉😉😉😉And I'm going to eat it A post shared by WWAC (@womenwriteaboutcomics) on Jul

  • The Importance of Seeing Ghostbusters

    The Importance of Seeing Ghostbusters1

    I’ve been hyped for Ghostbusters since I first heard about it. My excitement has only grown as the hate has increased, but then, I started to get worried. What if the movie isn’t good? Or worse, what if it is good but people don’t go to see it? Why were only half the theatres in the

  • Review: Miss Fury #3

    Review: Miss Fury #35

    Miss Fury Vol. 2, Issue #3 Corinna Bechko (writer), Jonathan Lau (illustrator), Vincius Andrade (colorer), Simon Bowland (letterer), Tula Lotay (cover) Dynamite June 1, 2016 Since issue #4 of this five-issue run isn’t set to drop until July 27, I took my time reviewing this one. (You believe that, right?) Anyway, in issue #3, we