• A Good Roundtable on The Good War

    A Good Roundtable on The Good War2

    “The Good War” is a comic collaboration between cartoonist Mike Dawson and MSNBC anchor and author Chris Hayes, examining how WWII nostalgia played a part in post-9/11 pop culture and political messaging. Published on The Nib, “The Good War” adapts Chris Hayes’ piece “The Good War on Terror,” published by In These Times in 2006

  • Ladycastle Is Almost Great, Except for Eyebrows

    Ladycastle Is Almost Great, Except for Eyebrows0

    Ladycastle Delilah Dawson (Writer), Ashley Woods (Artist, #1), Becca Farrow (Artist, #2-#4), Rebecca Nalty (Colorist), Jim Campbell (Letterer) BOOM! Studios October 11, 2017 The first time I read Ladycastle, I felt confused. Firstly because I felt as if it was exactly the kind of story I should like. This otherwise standard fantasy tale throws out traditional gender

  • Going Abstract with Kindling

    Going Abstract with Kindling1

    Kindling Xia Gordon (CREATOR) 2dcloud 2017 I first discovered Xia Gordon at the 2017 Toronto Comics Art Festival where I saw her beautiful artwork and included her in my Comics Creators You Should Look Out For list over at Book Riot. It was some breathtaking stuff and I filed it away in my brain, waiting