• X-Men: Red #10: “@#$% You, Humanity”

    X-Men: Red #10: “@#$% You, Humanity”0

    X-Men: Red #10 Tom Taylor (Writer), Roge Antonio (Artist), Rain Beredo (Colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (Letterer) Marvel Comics November 7, 2018 The penultimate issue of X-Men: Red begins with a curse that every X-Men fan must have uttered at some point: “@#$% you, humanity.” Shockingly, we see Jean Grey, of all mutants, making that explosive

  • Valiant High is All That and a Bag of Empanadas

    Valiant High is All That and a Bag of Empanadas0

    Valiant High Derek Charm (Artist), Daniel Kibblesmith (Writer) Valiant September 5, 2018 Comixology has a 60% off sale on Valiant collections that ends on the 26th of October. In this sale, the Valiant High digital collection is £1.99. That’s 50p an issue. That’s bargain back issue bin prices for one of the best superhero books

  • My First Comic: Shuri #1

    My First Comic: Shuri #10

    I had planned to write about my first comic—Classic X-Men #3 with that gorgeous picture of Storm, surrounded by what seemed like millions of exciting new heroes for my young, ten-year-old self to discover. But I’ve talked about my love for Storm before, and I’ve gone on and on about Classic X-Men enough. The fact