• The Evidence of Things Not Seen: Invisible Woman #1

    The Evidence of Things Not Seen: Invisible Woman #10

    Invisible Woman #1 Joe Caramagna (letterer), Adam Hughes (cover artist), Mattia de Iulis (artist), Mark Waid (writer) Marvel Comics July 10th, 2019 Mark Waid’s run on Fantastic Four with Mike Weiringo was the first I ever read, and it’s still my sentimental favorite. After making the First Family of Comics persona non grata for years,

  • Insta Made Me Read It: Cursed Princess Club & True Beauty

    Insta Made Me Read It: Cursed Princess Club & True Beauty0

    Having been spending a lot more time on Instagram, I’ve been seeing a lot of Instagram ads. Some—my favourite—are for excessively dishy dating sim games. Some—the most perplexing—are for bizarre and sexual-looking contraptions selling for minus four dollars on Wish. And some—the ones that have actually caused me to click through and sample that tasty

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch @ SDCC

    Vault Comics Pubwatch @ SDCC0

    Vault Comics started the month off with a celebration of firsts, offering thirteen free comics in the spirit of the July 4th holiday. Download the first issues of Alien Bounty Hunter, Deep Roots, Failsafe, Fearscape, Fissure, Friendo, Heathen, Maxwell’s Demons, Songs for the Dead, Submerged, Vagrant Queen, Wasted Space, and Zojaqan to get a taste

  • Riverdale Season 3 #4: Family Intrigues

    Riverdale Season 3 #4: Family Intrigues0

    Riverdale Season 3 #4 ‘Strangers at a Bus Stop’ Micol Ostow (Writer), Thomas Pitilli (Artist), Andre Skymanowicz (Colours), John Workman (Letters) ‘Dead Calm’ Janice Chiang (Letters), Joe Eisma (Artist), Matt Herms (Colours), Micol Ostow (Writer) Archie Comics 26 June, 2019 After a particularly strong third issue focusing on secondary and tertiary characters, Riverdale Season 3

  • Vampirella #1: WTF Is Up With Her Clothes?

    Vampirella #1: WTF Is Up With Her Clothes?2

    Vampirella #1: Seduction of the Innocent Frank Cho (Cover A artist), Ergün Gündüz (artist and colourist), Christopher Priest (writer), Willie Schubert (letterer) Dynamite Entertainment July 17, 2019 Fifty years after her introduction, Vampirella is rebooted yet again by Dynamite—though writer Priest promises that this isn’t exactly a reboot. In a CBR interview, he says that

  • Sera and the Royal Stars #1: It’s Complicated

    Sera and the Royal Stars #1: It’s Complicated0

    Sera and the Royal Stars #1 Raúl Angulo (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer), Audrey Mok (artist), Jon Tsuei (writer) Vault Comics July 17, 2019 Sera and the Royal Stars gives me super complicated feelings! I’m not usually so bombastic when I start a review, but it does! It’s the story of a princess’ quest in ancient Parsa