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  • Get Ready for a Silver Sprocket Takeover

    Get Ready for a Silver Sprocket Takeover1

    Silver Sprocket is a comic book publisher like no other: they’re a collective of artists and friends who create radical books alongside zines, music, and art. You might have heard of some of their most well known books, such as Ben Passmore’s radical look at microaggressions Your Black Friend and Michael Sweater’s much-shared webcomic Please

  • Lumberjanes #44: Time After Crime

    Lumberjanes #44: Time After Crime0

    Lumberjanes #44 Kat Leyh and Shannon Watters (Writers), Ayme Soturo (Artist) BOOM! Studios November 22, 2017 This month on Lumberjanes: a rock throws a temper tantrum, Abigail helps in a non-violent way (partly), and a family is found. Molly and her fellow Lumberjanes head off into the forest to chop off the tree that’s causing

  • Ripple Effect: What Does the Disney Fox Deal Mean For BOOM!

    Ripple Effect: What Does the Disney Fox Deal Mean For BOOM!0

    It’s been a wild week, hell it’s been a wild year. A long, long year. The last month of 2017 hasn’t disappointed, with a whole bunch of ridiculous/terrifying news and general chaos to close out 365 days of unmitigated hell. Of course, in the comics and comics-adjacent world the conversation has been heavily focused on

  • BOOM! Bar: Caylo’s Last Bunch

    BOOM! Bar: Caylo’s Last Bunch0

    This week, of Wednesday the sixth (just passed), Lumberjanes volume seven is released and Armory Wars keeps on keepin’ on. As for the rest of the licensed fare: Corissa, stalwart of the BOOM! Bar Adventure Time beat, has this to say of KaBOOM!’s issue #71 : Adventure Time #71: Double Troubles Part 2 is a

  • BOOM! Bar: Some Gain, Some Lag

    BOOM! Bar: Some Gain, Some Lag0

    The week of Wednesday the twenty-second of November, BOOM! releases eleven titles, eight of which are licenses. Two of the latter are softcover collections: The Deep and Dark Crystal v.1 (hardback) each collect four issues, though The Deep is one finished story and Dark Crystal an ongoing venture. Of the creator-owned books, Giant Days is

  • Attack on Lumberjanes! – Issue #43 Review

    Attack on Lumberjanes! – Issue #43 Review1

    Lumberjanes #43 Shannon Watters (writer), Kat Leyh (writer, main cover art), Ayme Sotuyo (artist), Maarta Laiho (colorist), Aubrey Aiese (letterer) Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Released October 12, 2017 Last time on Lumberjanes: bubbles were burst, summer camp became summer treehouses, and someone, or something woke up.


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