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  • The Lumberjanes Remain Heroines in “Parent’s Day”

    The Lumberjanes Remain Heroines in “Parent’s Day”0

    Lumberjanes, Vol. 10 Shannon Waters and Kat Leyh (Writers), Aubrey Aiese (Letterer), Maarta Laiho (Colorist), Ayme Sotuyo (Artist) BOOM! Studios November 29, 2018 The series Lumberjanes consistently redefines girlhood by including gay, queer, and trans identities often left out of common narratives about girls, and in the latest volume, collecting the “Parent’s Day” arc, the

  • WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 2018

    WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 20180

    Well, the corpses of Christmas Trees are littering the sidewalk and all the champagne bottles have been popped, so as we usher in 2019 it seems the perfect time for quiet reflection. But not on New Year’s Resolutions, silly. On comic books! WWAC has rounded up its contributors to share their favorite big press comics

  • 8 Current Comics Starring Empowered Girls

    8 Current Comics Starring Empowered Girls1

    It’s safe to say that most of our readers firmly believe in the importance of representation in comics, and the significance of seeing yourself and your experiences reflected in the media you love. It’s no surprise, then, that comics featuring empowered female characters are often the ones that inspire girls the most. In fact, a

  • The Lumberjanes Find True North in The Infernal Compass

    The Lumberjanes Find True North in The Infernal Compass0

    Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass Lilah Sturges (writing); Polterink (art); Jim Campbell (letters); Cover Art: Alexa Sharpe Boom! Studios October 17, 2018 What the Rosalind Franklin?! The Lumberjanes is what, and they’re embarking on their first hard-cover adventure with a story about possessed compasses!

  • PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, September 2018

    PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, September 20180

    Wow, can you believe it’s already been a whole month since we last checked in on our BOOM! Studios Pubwatch? Well, have no fear, loyal WWAC readers, for I have not yet forgotten the sacred Pubwatch oath that I swore last month, so here I am with an update on all things BOOM! Explosive News

  • Previously in Comics: Convention Interventions

    Previously in Comics: Convention Interventions0

    • News
    • September 24, 2018

    The casual observer could be forgiven for mistaking comics fans for car accident victims given the whiplash generated by this week’s comics news. One moment up with the announcement of this year’s Ignatz winners, the next down with the unexpected postponement of another con. All in all, this week has been a frenetic one.


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