• DC PUBWATCH – January 2020

    DC PUBWATCH – January 20200

    Happy New Year! And with the New Year come big changes to several DC titles. Some long runs have concluded, and new eras are starting (and even Doomsday Clock has finally ended!). Without further ado, let’s get into the DC Pubwatch for January 2020. As always, the reviews may contain spoilers.

  • Previously On Comics: An Industry Polarized

    Previously On Comics: An Industry Polarized0

    • News
    • January 27, 2020

    Good morning! It’s time for another Previously. A new Black Widow ongoing has been announced via IGN! The series has Kelly Thompson handling the writing with Elena Casagrande on art duties. It’s good timing, with the movie coming out soon. Supposedly it’s meant to be a largely stand alone book, and accessible, per Thompson. As

  • Last Week’s Episode: And the Winner is… Parasite

    Last Week’s Episode: And the Winner is… Parasite0

    After another unfeasibly long week where everything happened constantly and apparently infinitely, WWAC is here to filter the wheat from the chaff, the news from the nonsense, and luckily for me on my very first go-around curating this column: celebrating the achievements of Bong Joon-Ho’s astonishingly wonderful class war masterpiece, Parasite.