• What Happens After You Bid for #Creators4Comics?

    What Happens After You Bid for #Creators4Comics?0

    [Editor’s note: This article was updated 04/19/2020 to include a link to a central spreadsheet for the auction] If you’re an avid comics fan and Twitter user, you might’ve seen tweets in the past few days tagged #Creators4Comics. Creators of all stripes have offered up an assortment of goodies for fans to bid on: lots

  • Last Week’s Episode: New Normal

    Last Week’s Episode: New Normal0

    *taps mic* Is this thing on…? Hello, again, from the new normal of never going anywhere except to the grocery store. Those of us who are privileged enough to be able to stay and work at home have a lot of content coming our way, and things continue to change quickly as studios and creatives

  • Previously on Comics: Some Good News Edition

    Previously on Comics: Some Good News Edition0

    Hello everyone, and welcome to a special Some Good News edition of Previously on Comics. Inspired by John Krasinski’s YouTube show by the same name, my goal today is to highlight some of the ways that people are helping other people, whether that be through offering grants and money, to creating art that makes people