• Previously On Comics: Look At This Pineapple

    Previously On Comics: Look At This Pineapple0

    Good morning, and welcome to July! We closed out June with the best of all possible things, which is Stan Sakai being proud of his delicious, homegrown pineapple. I harvested our home grown pineapple. Ripened on the stalk, it is amazingly sweet with no strings at all. pic.twitter.com/qfh1Dhrt6s — Stan Sakai (@usagiguy) June 25, 2018

  • Previously On Comics: Fool’s Gold

    Previously On Comics: Fool’s Gold0

    Hey everybody! Welcome to the latest thrilling chapter of Previously on Comics, where we tell you about some of the big news from the past week. Before we dive in, a warning: One of this week’s stories contains some truly disturbing subject matter involving murder, which we’ve saved for last. Please take care to avoid

  • DC To Release Anthology Comics in Walmart

    DC To Release Anthology Comics in Walmart0

    Starting July 1, DC Comics will be partnering with Walmart to sell four monthly anthology comics. Each issue will be priced at $4.99, and will be 100 pages of both new and reprinted material. Each issue will have one new story, and three reprinted issues. Some of comics biggest names are set to contribute, with