• Vault Pubwatch: May 2020

    Vault Pubwatch: May 20200

    We’re closing in on a return to comics distribution, so, while there hasn’t been much new stuff to read of late, there are still lots of cool things on the horizon to look forward to, as well as a few bonus items to pick up along the way. Last month, Vault introduced the VaultColorUp Coloring

  • Previously On Comics: Lockdown Limbo

    Previously On Comics: Lockdown Limbo0

    It’s strange to think that life has been allowed to continue while we are, for the most part, trapped within our various states of lockdown limbo. That things completely unrelated to COVID-19 are still occurring every single day. Heartbreaking, incredible, hilarious, terrible, mundane things, just happening! Every, Single. Day. Some of these things have transpired

  • Last Week’s Episode: Time Is Meaningless But the News Keeps Coming

    Last Week’s Episode: Time Is Meaningless But the News Keeps Coming0

    For this week’s installment of Last Week’s Episode, we’ll start with some industry news that will affect workers in real life, go through studio announcements and upcoming series, and end on some specials you can enjoy while sheltering in place.

  • Last Week’s Episode: Direct to Your TV

    Last Week’s Episode: Direct to Your TV0

    What’re y’all beaming into your eyeballs these days? More and more theatres are streaming their performances (check inside~), streaming services are opening their paywalls, and then there’s all the stuff you just haven’t made time to catch up on, right? Well don’t worry, Disney+ continues to march onward in their mission to buy IP, and

  • IDW Pubwatch May 2020

    IDW Pubwatch May 20200

    Welcome to the May IDW Pubwatch. The world is on lockdown but here’s something to distract you—a few exciting comics that will take your mind away, at least for a little while. I’ve also got the latest news coming out of IDW, some comic book reviews, as well as a selection of my favourite covers

  • Previously on Comics: Adrienne and Kate Are Great

    Previously on Comics: Adrienne and Kate Are Great0

    Despite the pause in comics distribution and the limited access to comic stores right now, there’s still a lot going on in comics news, but clearly none of those things are as important as our Adrienne Resha and Kate Tanski joining the Executive Board of the Comics Studies Society, as announced on May 2, 2020. Adrienne