• Titan Comics PUBWATCH: January 2020

    Titan Comics PUBWATCH: January 20200

    New Year, New Decade! (Though some may debate if we are really in a new decade.) Let’s take a bit of a look at what December brought from Titan Comics, and some of what to look forward to this year.

  • IDW Pubwatch January 2020

    IDW Pubwatch January 20200

    Welcome to the January IDW Pubwatch! It’s the first IDW Pubwatch of the year and I couldn’t be more excited to share my finds with you. It’s been a busy month at IDW and I’ve got all the interesting news coming out of the publishing house as well as tons of IDW comic book reviews.

  • Previously On Comics: Do Some Research Next Time

    Previously On Comics: Do Some Research Next Time1

    I’m coming back off of a rough weekend of hard partying (I drank so much Martinelli’s Apple Cider, y’all) so I’m gonna be brief. Daniel Elkin has announced the introduction of a new comics journalism site, called SOLRAD, which is…so rad, as far as names go. The site includes a definition of the term, if