• Sfé Monster talks about his genderqueer webcomics

    Sfé Monster talks about his genderqueer webcomics0

    Sfé R. Monster is a cartoonist focused on the internet. With the help of social media, he has gathered around him an audience very concerned with queer and genderqueer issues. His readers want to see another side of the stories available in mainstream media. His previous works include Seven Stories From The Sea, a heartbreaking

  • TOONBooks: Interview with Francoise Mouly

    TOONBooks: Interview with Francoise Mouly0

    For an excellent introduction to graphic novels, or heck, reading at all, TOON Books has you covered. TOON Books was founded by Françoise Mouly as an alternative to Easy Readers. For the uninitiated, Easy Readers are beginner level books that break dialogue and storyline down to the equivalent of caveman grunts. Think “see Spot run.

  • FCBD at Heroes Comics

    FCBD at Heroes Comics0

    I was into comics as a kid but stopped reading them as I got older, until, that is, I started working at a roadside assistance call centre that was full of comic book fans. I bowed to peer pressure, went to Heroes (a nearby comic book store that I was familiar with), and bought my

  • FCBD: Page 45

    FCBD: Page 450

    Stephen Holland, Page45, Nottingham Eisner nominated for good reason, Page 45 is a revelation for many of its visitors. Stylish, welcoming, mature — and that’s just the furniture. People travel internationally to visit Page 45, and I don’t blame them. Big name signings, chances taken on independent creators, regular reviews of graphic releases of all genres on

  • Disenchanted with the Urban Experience: An Interview with Si Spurrier

    Disenchanted with the Urban Experience: An Interview with Si Spurrier0

    As a performance storyteller, I have a soft spot for comics that bring mythology into the present day–such as the urban fantasy webcomic Disenchanted, which focuses on creatures from European folklore living in the 21st century. I asked Disenchanted author Si Spurrier about the uses of folklore in his work, writing for digital vs. print

  • Smut Peddler Interview with Editor C. Spike Trotman0

    Smut Peddler 2014 met its $20,000 goal in roughly six hours. By the time I chatted with Spike on the Tuesday night after its opening week, the project had just hit $76,000 and was the most popular Kickstarter project of over 3,000 projects the weekend before. Smut Peddler’s editor, C. Spike Trotman, and I connected