• Interview with Lindsay Cibos

    Interview with Lindsay Cibos0

    Lindsay Cibos and her creative partner Jared Hodges are major up-and-comers in the manga world. In 2003 she won the Grand Prize in Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition for Peach Fuzz. They published the work in a three volume set and then extended their talents to produce several instructional books based in manga and

  • Interview with Jim Anderson

    Interview with Jim Anderson0

    One of my favorite webcomics is by fellow Michiganian, Jim Anderson: the all-age-friendly Ellie on Planet X. The colors are rich, gorgeous, and minimalist all at once. The storyline is unique and funny. The dialogue is perfecto. I was thrilled to be able to interview Jim earlier this week.

  • Interview with Ryan North

    Interview with Ryan North0

    Dinosaur Comics. Machine of Death. Galaga. To Be Or Not To Be. Whispered Apologies. That’s right. We’re talking about that mad genius Ryan North. Earlier this week he took the time to answer my questions about webcomics and other such coolness. First things first, what is your favorite dinosaur? T. rex is my favourite species,