• Interview with AMELIA COLE co-writers D.J. Kirkbride & Adam P. Knave

    Interview with AMELIA COLE co-writers D.J. Kirkbride & Adam P. Knave0

    If you haven’t been reading Amelia Cole you don’t know what you’re missing out on! This fun, all ages comic full of magic and dragons features a really down to earth female lead and great adventure. I’d like to welcome the awesome co-writers of Amelia Cole— D.J. Kirkbride and Adam P. Knave!  Introduce yourselves, guys.

  • Interview with StrangelyKatie0

    Katie O’Neill, known on the internet as StrangelyKatie, is a cartoonist currently working on the webcomic The Girl From Hell City. In her portfolio there are amazing strong female protagonists, badass princesses, and monster girls. A resident of New Zealand, she’s been sharing her comics for a couple of years now and was able to

  • Stephanie O’Donnell interview0

    Stephanie O’Donnell is a long-established webcomic artist currently working with Greg Carter on Perfect Agent. You might know her work from the Original Nutty Funsters, or you may remember her post Part of the Problem on our own site a while back. Like many of our readers and featured interviewees, Stephanie is eager to demolish the