• An Interview With Sarah Stern, Comics Person

    An Interview With Sarah Stern, Comics Person0

    Sarah Stern has provided the rich color work I’ve appreciated in many BOOM! titles, including Goldie Vance and Giant Days. At FlameCon this summer, I was excited to meet her and to be introduced to her webcomic, Cindersong. Sarah, whose business card reads, “Comics Person,” balances between solo work on Cindersong and color work on various

  • Tini Howard’s Captain America

    Tini Howard’s Captain America0

    Writer Tini Howard takes Captain America and Bucky back to their origins with a World War II story in Captain America Annual #1. The story involves Cap and Bucky protecting World War II concentration camp escapees, an element of World War II that many Cap stories have shied away from. It’s a dark time in our

  • Dream Daddy Dreams with Josh Trujillo

    Dream Daddy Dreams with Josh Trujillo0

    Rose City Comic Con is the kind of laid back, chill convention where interviews feel more like conversations. After reading Dream Daddy #1 and becoming an enthusiastic fan of the new series, I contacted Oni Press to see about an interview with Josh Trujillo, who was the only creator from the just released Dream Daddy