• Unearth Horror With Cullen Bunn and Baldemar Rivas

    Unearth Horror With Cullen Bunn and Baldemar Rivas0

    Like any good horror, Unearth introduces you to the grotesque in the gentlest way possible: by letting the innocence of a child take you by the hand. The child leads Dr. McCommick, Dr. Reyes, and Lt. Morris to the abominations that have developed from a mysterious flesh-eating disease. The mystery of the disease leads the

  • The Extraordinary Cassie Anderson

    The Extraordinary Cassie Anderson0

    Basil is an ordinary princess, but her creator, Cassie Anderson, is anything but. A freelance artist from Portland, Oregon, she’s got her name on not one, but two new books from Dark Horse Publishing this year. The second volume of Lifeformed, which features Anderson’s art and lettering, will be out in September, and her own

  • One Year Later: The Valiant Lysa Hawkins

    One Year Later: The Valiant Lysa Hawkins0

    In our Editorial Eye series, we go behind the scenes with comic and book editors to learn about their role in the creative process and discover how their passion for their industry helps shape their work. It’s been a year since Lysa Hawkins jumped into Valiant Entertainment, and, she says in a WWAC interview, she’s