• WWAC Warrior: Why I Can Be a Warrior Without a Six-Pack

    WWAC Warrior: Why I Can Be a Warrior Without a Six-Pack0

    Our WWAC Warriors have been doing some great and inspiring work. Desiree has been working on becoming her own superhero. Laura is morphing into a real live Batgirl, and Lela is fighting endometriosis like Wonder Woman versus Villainy Incorporated. I am thoroughly impressed with what they are doing, and how they are tying their fitness

  • Pokemon: Past, Present, and Potential

    Pokemon: Past, Present, and Potential2

    I have never caught every single Pokémon in any game throughout the entire series. I sort of feel like I’m coming out of the closet again saying that. I know it’s the case for many people, but it still feels like I’m admitting to some wrongdoing of mine. As if some tribunal will come down

  • The Apocalypse, Unfinished: Seraphim 266613336 Wings

    The Apocalypse, Unfinished: Seraphim 266613336 Wings2

    Suppose the end of humanity approaches in a manner different than that depicted in the Book of Revelation, the Poetic Edda, the Vedic Scriptures, or any other written account of the end of days. The apocalypse is a time of transformation, after all. (You thought it was just about death and destruction? Think again!) What