• WWAC Warriors: Mama Said Knock You Out

    WWAC Warriors: Mama Said Knock You Out6

    Warriors, I really, really wanted to open this follow-up post with a triumphant I WON!!, and we could all celebrate our various accomplishments with a round of metaphorical champagne and dim sum. (Yeah, my cravings got pretty eclectic in the last week.) But I didn’t win. Technically, I didn’t lose, either. When the referee gathered

  • Say What? Minecraft as a Teaching Tool for Homeschoolers

    Say What? Minecraft as a Teaching Tool for Homeschoolers0

    At some point about a year ago, a friend’s son introduced our eight-year-old to Minecraft on iPad. The game appeared harmless enough, and to be truthful, I had a parenting fail moment because I didn’t even research the game settings and environment before allowing her to dive in. In a very short time, my daughter

  • My First RPG: Night World

    My First RPG: Night World2

    I like to think that if I were a teenager when Twilight came out that I would have had the wherewithal to outright reject it, buuuuut I am probably just kidding myself. I was a total nut for the brooding, Byronic vampires that Edward Cullen is just one in a long tradition of. Okay, the