• That Dr. Strange Trailer Sure Is Awful

    That Dr. Strange Trailer Sure Is Awful55

    The Dr. Strange trailer. So… it’s here. We hated it. Here’s why: Megan Purdy: This seems like a trailer for four movies in one: The Matrix, Inception, Eat Pray Love and a watery wuxia ripoff for white America. It’s visually confused and so derivative that it makes no argument for its own existence. It relies

  • Good Girls Like Gambit

    Good Girls Like Gambit3

    First, Fox delayed the planned Channing Tatum Gambit movie; now it looks like it won’t be made at all. Fox seems so impressed by Deadpool‘s monster box office that its interests have shifted: a Deadpool franchise looks like a sure winner, a Channing Tatum-led Gambit solo film like more of risk. But there are enough

  • Why I Love Erotic Fanfic and What I Learned From It

    Why I Love Erotic Fanfic and What I Learned From It0

    Fanfiction has a historical relationship to erotica and porn Slash: the subset of fanfiction that now encompasses all sorts of queer relationships that originally denoted a sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock through punctuation (K/S) as opposed to other punctuation markers which denoted friendship or non-sexual relationships (K+S). But contemporary mainstream media, thanks to stories like 50 Shades