• Stardew Valley: The Political Hotel California of Games

    Stardew Valley: The Political Hotel California of Games0

    Welcome to An Adventure in Small Games, a monthly series focused on games that cost less than $20, ideally less than $10. In this series, Eve Golden Woods will focus on the indie game and what it has to offer the world of gaming. There will be spoilers. This month Eve takes a look at Stardew Valley.

  • When Romance Comics Hated Women

    When Romance Comics Hated Women3

    When I was a teenager and first reading poetry, I inherited (basically stole) my mum’s copy of The Penguin Book of Love Poetry. It’s from the 1970s, has her name written in the front in blue pen, and the cover focuses on a detail from Bronzino’s Allegory with Venus and Cupid. Here’s a photo of

  • Supermoms: Martyred, Fridged, Forgotten

    Supermoms: Martyred, Fridged, Forgotten6

    Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate the woman (or women) in our lives that fulfill the role of “mother.” Mothers—the good and the bad ones—are an important part of our lives. Moms that worry about what media teaches their children, what superheroes are really super, and so much more. Mothers are important; their absence