• Kesha vs Dr. Luke

    Kesha vs Dr. Luke5

    Content warning: this article discusses rape and abuse. The Kesha case against Dr. Luke now has it’s own Wikipedia page, which means that this shitshow of humans failing to be decent is officially ingrained in the collective unconscious. This lawsuit is unprecedented in a lot of ways, but legal disputes between musicians and their record labels

  • Dear Amanda: Letters of Caution

    Dear Amanda: Letters of Caution0

    Cathy G. Johnson’s Dear Amanda plays catch with you for a while. Then it knocks the ball out of your hands. You thought you were reading a simple diary comic? You were reading a rather complex meditation on perspective, in fact. It knocked the ball out of my hands, I should say. Reading experiences may

  • Dungeons & Damsels: Adventures of a First Time DM

    Dungeons & Damsels: Adventures of a First Time DM3

    I tend to get a little overzealous when I have an idea. Deciding to build a tiered vegetable garden, I went out and bought dozens of seed packets without having actually built anything yet. I wanted to start a gaming channel on YouTube, so I bought a recording program without considering the effort it takes