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    Zora Gilbert

    Zora Gilbert cares a whole lot about words, kids, and comics. Find them at @zhgilbert on twitter, and find the comics they edit at datesanthology.com.

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  • The Seeds #1 Questions the Truth

    The Seeds #1 Questions the Truth0

    The Seeds #1 Ann Nocenti and David Aja (creators) Dark Horse Out August 1, 2018 I get push notifications from three different news outlets: the BBC, the Associated Press, and the Guardian. I actually didn’t read the news at all for years: between twelve years of primary school warnings against bias in media and seven

  • A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup July ’18

    A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup July ’180

    It’s deeply, horribly, insufferably hot on the northeast coast of the US, which means I’m writing this while touching as little of my computer as physically possible. So let’s jump right in! July has brought yet another crop of incredible campaigns, ranging from artbooks for industry big shots, to tiny charity zines. Check them out,

  • A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, June ’18

    A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, June ’180

    I spent this last week catching up on the comics I’ve gotten from Kickstarters over the course of the last like, year, so that means I’m allowed to buy more, right? I’m certain that’s how this works. June is practically bursting with good campaigns—from massive webcomic collections, to DIY flipbook kits, to queer zine fairs—so

  • Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, May ‘18

    Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, May ‘180

    Spring has finally actually joined us in the northeastern United States, and with it came new set of incredible comic campaigns! From historical documentaries and collection, to introspective anthologies, to artfully illustrated BDSM comics, Kickstarter is currently teeming with gorgeous work to feast your eyes upon. So treat yourself! We survived the winter, go and