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    Wendy Browne

    Publisher, mother, geek, executive assistant sith, gamer, writer, lazy succubus, blogger, bibliophile. Not necessarily in that order.

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  • Gail Simone: She Writes Icons

    Gail Simone: She Writes Icons0

    • February 13, 2014

    Gail Simone. She does things. There’s a reason why fandom loves her, and it’s not just because of the amusing romps her thoughts inspire on Twitter. We love her because she takes characters with delicate histories–or not so delicate histories–and holds them and reshapes them with loving hands. She can turn characters and situations that

  • Storm building: where’s Ororo’s solo book?

    Storm building: where’s Ororo’s solo book?5

    • January 29, 2014

    My comic addiction started with Classic X-Men, which reprints Uncanny X-Men #93 onward and includes secondary stories that transform the characters from superheroes into actual human beings. Classic X-Men #3 was one of the first issues I read, and it didn’t take long for Storm to become a favourite. If you assume my adoration of