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    Stephanie Tran

    Queer, 20-something intersectional feminist, Vietnamese-American, and born fangirl. Writes about anything geeky and thinks about food too much. You can find Stephanie's Twitter rants at @YouAndYourEgo.

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  • The Failure of FindMySuperhero.com

    The Failure of FindMySuperhero.com0

    FindMySuperHero.com bills itself as a “niche” dating website for geeks who are interested in “Sci-Fi, Anime, Comic Books, Video Games or just love Cosplay,” but the site doesn’t live up to the hype. (Disclaimer: I received a free membership from FindMySuperhero.com in return for an honest review.)

  • My Neighbor Jiaojian: An Intimate Urban Legend

    My Neighbor Jiaojian: An Intimate Urban Legend1

    My Neighbor Jiaojian Alyssa Wong (Writer), Wendy Xu (Artist) 2016. Although I am relatively new to the horror genre as a whole (I am a self-described scardey-cat and still find The Nightmare Before Christmas unwatchable), I’ve found that the stories that stay with me often are very intimate, with a small cast, touch upon very