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    Stephani Hren

    Stephani Hren is a part time tutor, a full time procrastinator, and a committed almost-author. Her secret talents lie in homemade cookies, equestrian sports, and surprise smackdowns in her one (and only) area of video game expertise: Tetris Attack, a 1995 puzzle game turned sacred art.

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  • Video Game Pole Dancing is (Mostly) Bad

    Video Game Pole Dancing is (Mostly) Bad0

    Video game sexiness has come a long way since the days of the original Leisure Suit Larry, but its depictions of pole dancing are largely stagnant. Dead-eyed women walk around poles in heels, their faces void of expression, as if the people animating them have no concept for what “sexy” is other than that it

  • Hot Dads of Gaming: Ganon(dorf)

    Hot Dads of Gaming: Ganon(dorf)1

    I’ve always liked big guys. Despite being a short lady (or perhaps because of it), some part of me is intrinsically drawn to tall, boorish, weirdly animal-like men. I’ve got a mental vault of inappropriate fantasies about characters like Killer Croc, Obadiah Horn, and zombie Gregor Clegane—fantasies that are probably rooted in my childhood love