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  • What’s Hot? Feb 20140

    • February 11, 2014

    WHAT’S HOT? What are your comic-loving, hard-writing, news-gathering WWAC team getting giddy about outside the world of comics? We share just what is our poison, this February. Ivy Noelle Mine is Veronica Mars. Yes, I’m really, really late to the party. I’m blowing through the seasons that are streaming on Amazon Prime at a crazy

  • JKR Regrets Ron/Hermione: The Roundtable2

    On Sunday, J.K. Rowling “admitted” that she married off the wrong characters in her still monstrously popular Harry Potter series. Ron/Hermione, she said, was wish fulfillment and literary bad form. Alas, alas, it was cliche. Instead, she should have changed direction mid-series, and hooked up Harry and Hermione instead. Our writers had a few things