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    Alexis Sergio

    Latnix, Femmy Enby nerd who cares about consumers and progress. I write comics for fun and some times money. You can see me scream at the sky @transcomics on twitter. You can support me on Patreon for more content if you like my stuff https://www.patreon.com/AlexisSergio.

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  • Love is Love: An Ally Anthology?

    Love is Love: An Ally Anthology?2

    Love Is Love Edited by  Sarah Gaydos and Jamie S. Rich. Stories by various creators DC and IDW Comics December 28, 2016 Love Is Love will likely go down in history as a key comic project for the 2010s. A charity book spanning 146 pages, its proceeds will be donated to help victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

  • Avengers Academy: Queer Rep Done Well in Capes

    Avengers Academy: Queer Rep Done Well in Capes0

    Avengers Academy is a free-to-play mobile game, though it’s more of a waiting-for-timers game in my experience. Unlike a lot of my friends on here I don’t like Avengers Academy, well, as a game. The business model is just too awful, and I can’t find myself invested in real time-based gameplay loops that cause me

  • What a Webcomic! Digital Recommendations

    What a Webcomic! Digital Recommendations1

    Welcome to What a Webcomic, a series by the enigmatic Sergio Alexis, where they cover the best webcomics they read since…the last time they did one of these. Hold onto your butts, because these comics are queer, they are female lead, and they are wonderful! For now I will not be repeating entries from my

  • Queer Books Do Sell – What’s Wrong With Your Marketplace?

    Queer Books Do Sell – What’s Wrong With Your Marketplace?0

    Queer books sell. They sell, and they sell, and they sell. Marvel’s queer books somehow don’t sell, except, ya know, for the ones that have proven to sell well in trade. But I digress. Billion dollar corporations (in the case of both DC and Marvel) somehow can’t muster the marketing ability to sell a book