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    Safiyya Hosein

    Safiyya Hosein is a PhD student in Communication and Culture with a research interest in intersectional stories and Muslim superheroes. She is also a comics writer and has recently contributed to the Yonge at Heart Anthology with her comic short story, "1001 Torontonian Nights".

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  • Afar: A Psychedelic Journey Through Worlds

    Afar: A Psychedelic Journey Through Worlds0

    Afar Leila del Duca (Writer), Kit Seaton (Artist), Taneka Stotts (Editor) Image Comics March 29, 2017 Ancient Egypt and all of its attendant art never fails to beguile the Western imagination. Unsurprisingly, it was the original reason that inspired me to pluck Leila del Duca and Kit Seaton’s Afar from a small bookstore shelf. It was

  • Pashmina: Uncovering Secrets and Self-Discovery

    Pashmina: Uncovering Secrets and Self-Discovery0

    Pashmina Nidhi Chanani First Second October 3, 2017 We’re all familiar with the intricately-patterned Indian shawls known as pashminas. In Nidhi Chanani’s debut graphic novel, published through First Second Books, a pashmina serves as a conduit to a homeland that exists in the feisty protagonist’s imagination before delivering her a sense of clarity – and