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    Rosie Knight

    writer. fake geek girl. makes comics, occasionally sells some.

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  • Elle: A Study On Trauma

    Elle: A Study On Trauma0

    Content Warning: Rape and sexual violence. A film that is centered solely around rape will never be a film for everyone. Though as a rape survivor, I felt that every moment of Elle was made with me in mind. Paul Verhoeven’s study of a woman dealing with the aftermath of a violent rape in her

  • Women Of Auteur Film: Isabelle Adjani

    Women Of Auteur Film: Isabelle Adjani0

    What is an Auteur? Well, the technical definition is a simply a filmmaker who has a singular, recognisable vision, though you can guarantee they’ll also be a man as no women have been deemed important or visionary enough to become members of this elite club. As we all know, the singular vision of men is

  • Ten Of The Best Times That Someone Punched A Nazi In Comics

    Ten Of The Best Times That Someone Punched A Nazi In Comics2

    Historically there are few less universally hated and feared groups than Nazis. The rise of Fascism in the early 20th century lead to one of the most horrific genocides in modern history and created a climate of fear and violence that engulfed the world and did not end until the final days of the Second

  • Food In Film: Finding Safe Spaces In Fiction

    Food In Film: Finding Safe Spaces In Fiction1

    There has always been something incredibly magical and calming to me about food in fiction. As a child, often the moments I would return to were the ones in which royalty hosted extravagant feasts, tables bursting with meats, cakes, and more dishes than I could name. Families who ate small, intimate meals. Adventurers who packed