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    Naseem Jamnia

    Naseem Jamnia is a non-binary, queer, Muslim nerd, formerly a neuroscientist, who spends their days writing, baking, and playing video games. They have a weekly essay series on growing pains and feminism called the Tuesday Telegrams, at www.tinyletter.com/naseem. They live in Reno with their husband, dog, and two cats.

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  • Love the Tortall Books? Play These Five Games

    Love the Tortall Books? Play These Five Games0

    • July 17, 2017

    Tamora Pierce, the author who created Tortall, has been critical to my growth as a writer and a person. (I should have known I was non-binary when I tried to bind my chest like Alanna, but also still wanted to be a girl!) Loving Tortall as much as I do means that I’m always on

  • Borderlands: The Movie (Or, My Plea to 2K)

    Borderlands: The Movie (Or, My Plea to 2K)1

    Picture it: a soft instrumental in the background, a train rolling across the screen. The desert rolls behind it, the sunshine glinting off the heavy metal. It’s serene, a peaceful picture. Then a dog-reptile hybrid gets run over by the train, and the track by The Heavy picks up.